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Deacon Board

The work of Deacons is a ministry of sympathy, concern, and compassion to those members who have particular needs for care and understanding. Deacons provide watch-care for members who are sick, grieving, isolated by age or infirmity, and any others who are in personal distress.

To fulfill this mission, each Deacon cares for a certain number of individuals and families within New Red Mountain Missionary Baptist Church.

Click on the Deacon's name to send an e-mail (if available).


Raymond Paris

Members of the Board of Deacons

Connie Bullock
James Cates
Norman Daye

Deacon Everette Johnson, Jr.
Beadie Lockett
Larry Porter
Roy Reams
Oliver Sellars
Zora Torain
Rodney Witherspoon

Members of the Board of Deaconess

Shirley Bullock
Leslie Daye
Margo Harris
Mary Henderson
Dorothy Johnson
Daisy Parker, Emeritus