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Trustees Ministry

The New Red Mountain Baptist Church Trustee Board is charged with stewardship of all the resources that God has blessed the NRMMBC Church Family with.

In fulfilling this solemn responsibility the Trustee board follows a set of Guiding Principles. Some of those principles are listed below:

Spiritual Sensitivity: We have a love for the Lord and consequently the church body. We will be sensitive to its needs and will endeavor to administer our responsibilities in a manner that provides a robust and fruitful worship environment.

Teamwork: We team with our church family and others on the basis of trust, understanding, and love.

Accountability: We accept responsibility and are accountable to God and the congregation for the proper administration of our stewardship duties.

Communication: We will proactively communicate with the church body and others in a clear, open, and honest manner.

The Trustee Board is available to serve God's people. If you have comments, questions, or concerns please direct them to us at: 919-477-2000 and ask to speak to a Trustee.

Thank you for your support of the New Red Mountain Missionary Baptist Church and our ministerial efforts.

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